Antonio Hernandez ❂ 2019


My journey to learn about meditation has been long and with many teachers. 

I started doing Reiki around 2008 with the Reiki Master Esteban Vazquez. There I learned some techniques. in 2012 I joined a Buddhist center of the Diamond Way where I learned more and joined my first community of meditators.

My biggest journey was as an Elementary Teacher in Spain and the USA. With the years of being with kids, I started to realize how much they needed to get in touch with their emotions, listen to them, respect them and learn how to be sensitive and respect other's. We don't teach that in school so I created my own method where meditation was the key. First to calm the mind so it can see clear and second going back to moments in our lives where we felt these emotions so it's real and significative. I meditate for years with kids all ages.

Finally, I did my yoga training in India and after that, I went to a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand, called Wat Pa Tam Wua, where I lived for a month with monks meditating six hours per day. I went really deep into my practice and understood so much about how can I guide others to find their own path into this practice.


Positive Meditation

In Positive Meditation we go on a journey through the experience of HIV. I developed it based on my own experience living with the virus and everything I've learned from other people living with it. First, we enter in a state of relaxation to calm the mind and be able to see and feel more clearly. After this process, we begin a conscious individual journey, guided through key moments that most of us went through.


Finally, after completing the meditative part, we open a circle of expression where each person decides what they want to share in a safe, private space, free of judgment or interruption. In this process, very deep awareness takes place. Emotions arise that we hid or we didn't even know we were traveling with.


Listening to others speak from the heart and feeling that we are not alone is very positive for people who usually go through this process with a lot of loneliness. Finally, the opportunity to speak from the heart in a space free of judgment, just listening and being present is simply magical

Inner Child Meditation

A guided meditation to contact, talk and play with our inner child...


Inner Child Meditation

Inner child meditation

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